Park Board decides: No breeding ban, no ‘Oversight Committee’

The Park Board has voted… to do nothing. The commissioners have referred the issue to the next board instead, as had been recommended by Park Board staff. Chair Aaron Jasper called upon the new board to review the information available, and to engage in further public consultation.

The NPA, which has a majority on the new board, has vowed to repeal the previous board’s decision. However, with no by-law having been enacted, there is nothing that actually needs to be repealed.

Jasper finished by wishing the new board all the best. We would like to second that, and hope that the incoming commissioners, rather than rushing through the process, will take the time to review all facts carefully. If the NPA sticks to their promise, the Aquarium will finally be able to stop wasting time and money on these issues that could otherwise be spent for education, conservation, rescue and rehabilitation.