The Park Board made a mistake. Let’s correct that.

The Park Board made a mistake yesterday: They ordered staff to draft a by-law amendment that would ban cetaceans at the Aquarium for good. They did not ask them to add exceptions. It is not too late to do so! You must make your voices heard and demand that rescued and rehabilitated animals that cannot be released can still find a home in Vancouver. If such exception is not added, animals like Daisy (rescued in 2008) will have to be killed if they cannot be released. That is already happening in the United Kingdom, where no rehabilitation or long-term care facilities exist. We must not let this happen. Animal rights activists believe that “dead is better than fed” — let’s show them that this is not how Vancouver thinks. We are compassionate, these animals deserve a chance. Let’s deliver this message to the Park Board before it is too late! Let your voices be heard! Share this message, be vocal, write to the commissioners & comment here!

Direct email addresses for each Park Board commissioner: